Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Nail Art

Dear Blog,

I hope everybody is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. By the time this posts, I will be working. Sadly, my first job does not let me have many days off for anything. So if any of you go to any sort of fast food place, remember to be nice to the people working there. We work really hard to make ends meet and you never know who you may find working there.

Since I will be busy working instead of hanging out with my family, I decided to do a little holiday nail art. My mom thinks that the blue and red stripes looks more like a race car than the patriotic colors of the US flag. Oh well.

This was one of my first times doing nail art and I am really proud of it. I started off with three coats of Essie Marshmallow (my favorite white) and then carefully applied China Glaze Dorothy Who and Ruby Slippers as the middle stripes. I ended up doing two coats of Dorothy Who and really should have put two coats of Ruby Slippers on to get the stand out sparkle that the blue has.

I don't have any nail art brushes so I ended up using a drink stick since I couldn't find any toothpicks. If anything, all you need is a small point so anything can work for that!

Happy Memorial Day.

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