Why Lolita?

When most people think of the word "lolita" they normally think of the novel by Vladimir Nabokov. Since the novel was written, the word lolita has been linked with the idea of a sexually precocious girl. This is not the lolita that I am referring to.

Lolita is also a term used to describe a Japanese street fashion that is defined by its delicate femininity. Most of the time you can identify a lolita simply by the silhouette of her cupcake shaped skirt, which is achieved by using voluminous petticoats. There are many styles of the lolita fashion from the glitter-steeped, sugar-coated Over The Top Sweet Lolita style to the dark and elegant Gothic Lolita style.

Like all fashion, lolita is just a style of dressing. Some people dress in lolita because it makes them feel beautiful. For other people, lolita is more of a way of life that embraces everything beautiful. Still for others, it is a way to rebel against the growing sexuality of the culture. It is all up to the individual person.

Interested in knowing more? Check out these sights for more information: lolitafashion.org, the Lolita Handbook, and EGL, a livejournal community.

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