Sunday, May 25, 2014

Demolition Madness!

When I was still in high school, my family moved into the current house we live in. I was so excited to finally get a really big room in the basement and because it was some of my last years in high school I decided to customize my room. I painted trees all over the walls and got some help from my friends to paint jaguars and black panthers lounging on the trees. I painted the sky blue and put clouds on it while my friend painted a flying pig. It was a really fun room.

But now I'm older and I have a completely different style than I had in high school. It is more elegant and less wild. Since my parents needed to re-do my room anyway because my one wall had mold on it and was missing insulation. So we decided to just tear down two walls, put new walls up, and repaint to a more neutral and classy style. I'm not going to be in my house forever, but for now it will help me feel more like I have done some things with my life after college instead of being stuck in a post-high school limbo.

My dad and fiance have successfully taken down the two walls and put up all of the drywall. There are only two more holes in the ceiling to patch and then all of the heavy construction will be done.

Today, my fiance is finishing up screwing the bottom half of the drywall to the wall base and I will be attempting to mud all of the seams to get it ready for priming and painting. Granted, it will take a few coats of spackling to do so, but it is better to do things right than to not do them at all.

It turns out that the spackle my dad got is pink! It dries to white so it makes it really easy to tell if it is dry or not. That is a good thing and none of us gets to poke at it to see if it is still wet. My fiance was thrilled when I figured out that it wasn't that hard to do and when I was better at it than he was. The very best thing about the spackle is that it comes off fingernail polish easily and doesn't rip the polish off with it.

I'm already daydreaming about how to decorate my newly finished room even though it still has a week's worth of stuff to do.

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