Why Veggie?

Recently, I have discovered that what I eat is very important to me. What I put in my body can make me feel better or worse depending on what it is. I found that the more a food is processed, the worse it makes my body feel and the opposite is true as well. I have also discovered that I feel better when I eat according to the vegan diet. Since I have been feeling better, this excites me and I want to share what I am finding with everybody.

There is just a few important things to consider when you start to write blog posts about food.

1. People react negatively towards the idea of veganism and sometimes the idea of vegetarianism
2. People are more likely to be offended when you bring up food differences in a conversation
3. Food is like religion: it brings really strong opinions from all sides and from all places in the world
4. People are biased
5. People love to eat

I feel like this is such a big part of my life. After all, you have to eat to live and I just want to share interesting things that I discover along my journey.

My overall goal is to at least eat a more vegan diet. I feel better when I don't eat animal products. I don't mind if other people do as long as they don't judge me before they listen to what I have to say. I have also learned interesting things about the treatment of the meat industry and the dairy industry that have helped push me more in this direction as well. My primary motive is health.

Now, I am just a human being and we all make mistakes no matter how hard we all try to be perfect. If I mention something that isn't vegan (such as using wool in my knitting and spinning), feel free to comment and ask about it. Just do it nicely and I will probably answer and/or make a blog post on it if I think it needs expanding on. Maybe I'll help someone else in the process. I know I'll be helping myself.

Live Long, Be Well, and Good Eats

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