Monday, June 30, 2014

10 Reasons Why I Love Ravelry

1. Ravelry has let me connect and learn from other knitters when I had nobody that cared about knitting.

2. Ravelry lets me share my projects no matter how simple or complicated they are.

3. Ravelry has an awesome community for everything you can imagine!

4. Ravelry lets me find Local Yarn Stores (LYS) so I can shop for yarn in person instead of going online all of the time.

5. Ravelry understands that I have more ambition than I have time or money and lets me store any number of free patterns in my library.

6. Ravelry lets me have a place to catalog all of my yarn so I can know how much I have and lets me see how much I have used.

7. Ravelry provides a much needed ego boost when I need to show off something awesome that non-knitters just don't understand.

8. Ravelry gets it when I vent about not being able to finish a second sock because my sleep deprived brain was convinced that I knit enough to start the toe (hint: I was an inch off)

9. Ravelry is a horrible enabler with knitting and knitting accessories and I love them for it.

10.  Ravelry helps to let me know that I am not alone in my passion for knitting and that I am no less a person for letting my brain and fingers have a workout while making a beautiful and useable object.

Thank you Jess and Casey for bringing Ravelry into existence and for sharing it with the world.


  1. I agree with all the above, except 6 - as I'm not sure that is a good thing!!

    1. That is funny! Sometimes I worry myself with how much yarn I have, but then I get to cull it down and get rid of yarns I'll never use. Still, sock yarn doesn't count and that is most of what I have. ;-)

  2. Well said! I can't imagine life without Ravelry anymore. It has brought my level of knitting (and crochet) up to new levels, it inspires me, and it has introduced me to so many wonderful people!