Why Knitting?

I am always surprised when I take my knitting out in public with me. Half of the looks I get are from people who actually can remember their mothers, grandmothers, or aunts knitting and think that it is a good, wholesome thing for young women to do. Others think that knitting should be only for grandmothers and that a younger person shouldn't be knitting because they can't possibly a old knitting lady with a curious affinity for cats.

Now, some people will tell you that "knitting is the new yoga" and that there "have been studies that knitting is beneficial for your mental health" and any number of things to try to convince you that there is nothing socially inappropriate for their behavior. Some people will just smile and shrug off any off color jokes that come their way.

I will simply say why not knit?

Knitting feeds a part of me that is starving for color, texture, and the sheer ability to make something with my own bare hands. It is fascinating to take a piece of string and shove it between two pointy sticks to come out with something as useful as a sock or a hat or a scarf or even a sweater. Nothing in the world can compare to the feeling you have when you have something you made from scratch in your hands. Think about how much more satisfying it is to eat a homemade meal after an hour of prepping the ingredients and cooking the food. It fills you up better and just tastes better than take-out. Knitting is the same. A handknit sock just feels better to wear than a store bought sock. Don't believe me? Then pick up some yarn, some needles, a sock knitting book, and try it for yourself.

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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself!! I get the same looks, feel the same things and say the very same words!! For me making your own socks is a revelation!!