Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Topsy-turvy Upside-down House

This could end up being a very long story or a very short one, so let's keep this simple. Mother dearest got a brand new Pomeranian puppy named Baylee. In less than three days, this little fuzzball has successfully turned our house upside down. Our cats are furious, but it comes with the perk that my cat will now be sleeping with me in my dog-free room. But because my mom and dad both work in out of the house locations on some days, I get to watch this little rascal.

In knitting related news, I have finished a single sock. Not a complete pair of socks, but one singular sock. Yes, I do know it is the end of October and we only have 56 days left until Christmas. Socks aren't impossible if you knit on them. The trouble is I haven't been knitting. I've been playing games instead and that cuts into my knitting time since I only have one pair of hands. Whoops.

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  1. Baylee is adorable! We have a new kitten who has turned life upside down, so I know how you feel!