Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflections of a Year in Knitting

I have had a busy few days. I just got back from spending most of a week with my fiance and his father's side of the family. Before that it was Christmas with my family and before that was a Christmas party with my fiance's mother's side of the family. Include travel days into that situation and that makes for a busy few weeks.

I wish I had time to blog more about Christmas now, but most of my chatter will have to wait until next month because at the beginning of the year I made a list of knitting resolutions and I thought it would be fun to actually look back at that list to see how many things I have actually achieved.

1. Complete 12 pairs of socks in the year (8 pairs knit)
2. Knit a pair of knee high socks (Not Complete)
3. Knit a pair of socks with unusual construction (Not Complete)
4. Knit a pair of colorwork socks (Not Complete)
5. Design and knit a pair of socks (Not Complete)
6. Spin sock yarn and knit a pair of socks from the handspun sock yarn (Complete!)
7.Knit 3-5 pairs of socks for my fiance
(Not Complete, 1 pair knit)
8. Knit my first sweater (Not Complete) 
9. Knit my first shawl (Not Complete)
10. Learn to knit and purl with my left hand (Not Complete)
11.Learn how to knit back-backwards (for entrelac)(Not Complete)
12. Design, spin, and knit a wedding ring shawl (Not Complete)

When you look at my year in comparison to my knitting resolutions, things did not go as planned. But if you look at my knitting overall, I did a lot of fine gauge projects in a short period of time while graduating from college. I also got my driver's license and I am in the middle of looking for a job in a very tough economy. That is a lot to achieve in just one year.

I am very happy with my knitting year and hope that my next year will bring new challenges and new goals.

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