Sunday, December 23, 2012

Breaking News: End of the World Failed AGAIN!

I wanted to get this all written down and blogged on the official re-start of the Mayan Calender just to add to the "End of the World" ether. Sadly, I was too busy to blog about it, so I am going to talk about what I did that night instead instead.

I went out on Friday with my friends and fiance to the game shop. Incredibly shocking, I know, but where else would you expect a bunch of geeks to be spending their time on a lovely and slightly snowy Friday night? There was a Magic the Gathering tournament going on that my fiance decided to enter. He even wore his Ravenclaw Scarf I made him for good luck.

To be honest, the only reason why I wasn't playing is because I don't have my own deck made yet. I have to wait for the end of next month for the cards I want to play with come out. Then I can make my own deck as well and play with them. But, I do have a sock knitting deadline, so I decided to come out and knit on my sock during the tournament.

It was my first one and each match consisted of three games making the rule the best two out of three wins. During the middle of the tournament most of the people who weren't playing anymore left and I got to sit next to my fiance and watch him play while I knit on my sock.

I think the most exciting match of the day that I watched was when he went up against that was full of rats. It basically generated a new rat every turn while his generated a new centaur every turn. That match was a race to see who could bring out the most monsters before the other person decided to attack.

I think I got two inches knit on the sock during that match alone because I knit faster when I am excited. Thank goodness knitting is stretchy because I think I also knit a tiny bit tighter than I normally do during that match as well.

The night ended a little after midnight when my fiance made the top ten instead of being able to make it to the top eight. I was trying to stay awake during that time and I was glad that I hit the toe during the final match so that I had something to focus on to keep me awake.

I got most of a sock knitted that night. I got the other cuff cast on and finished the next morning before my fiance's family Christmas party, but I am still running behind on my sock progress.

I have a little less than one and a half more days to knit one more sock. Here's hoping I can do it in between laundry and last minute gift wrapping.

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