Friday, September 19, 2014

Shiver me Timbers, thar be Hexiflats Ahead!

Gather 'round the fire and grab a pint of ale as I tell ye all about the great white hexiflat. 'Twas only May when I first decided that I needed to make a Beekeeper's Quilt all for me wholesome. The puffs were too puffy for me taste an' I needed more of a blanket than a quilt. An' I had a leftover stash as big as Blackbeard's booty, I did!

But the puff was all wrong. Sure, it was cute, but cute wasn't goin' to cut it. The edges were all sloppy and loose. An' strugglin' with only three DPNs made my hands hurt worse than it did when lazy buccaneers earned their first peg leg. An' there was the lure of the great purple shawl (which I do proudly declare to be done with all but the blocking, which has to wait until I get back to port in me hometown) which made it impossible to even think about makin' another puff.

That's when I saw it. The great white hexiflat to end them all! It 'twas big an white with edges straight enough that you could use it to sharpen yer blade, but with a cast-on clever enough to hide any ridge with an equal neat and tidy bind off. Before I could sound the alarm to try to catch it, it dove off and escaped. But that hexiflat gave me hope to continue, and now my own puffs are almost as perfect as that great white hexiflat.

An' now, they be multiplyin'. So, have that be a lesson to ye all. Once you spot the great white hexiflat, ye will be drawn to making the perfect hexiflats forever!

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day to ye all! Arrr!


  1. Arrrrrgh matey :) Thanks for sharing your inspiring tale of the great white hexiflat!!

    1. Yer be quite welcome! Just remember to help yerself to t' grog in the corner before ye go.