Sunday, May 4, 2014

Down the Hexipuff Hole

About two years ago there was a viral project explosion over on Ravelry. It was a knitted blanket made up of tiny little hexagon puffs that looked like a quilt and it used up sock yarn scraps. The pattern was the Beekeeper's Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits.

Two years ago, I was still in college and just starting to get serious about knitting socks. I kept all of my sock yarn scraps since I couldn't get my hands on that weight very easily and I didn't just want to waste good yarn. It was by total coincidence that I was just starting to look into quilting and fell in love with the little hexagons that were made by the  English Paper Piecing method. So when I saw knitted hexagons I decided that one day I would buy the pattern and knit my own blanket made out of my sock yarn scraps. It would be wonderful and I wouldn't waste any sock yarn.

A little more than two months ago I remembered the quilt after carefully avoiding the hexipuff craze. I broke down and bought the pattern and some US 3 DPNs, but I didn't start. I didn't have enough socks and I didn't have enough time. So it was put on the back burner until today.

The shawl and I weren't getting along very well during the past week so I grabbed the leftover ball of sock yarn from my fiance's Library Lunch Socks and decided that I would knit a hexipuff.

Why oh why did it take me so long to do this? They are so cute and they don't take that long to do! My hexipuffs are going to be a little smaller since I'm knitting them on US 3 needles instead of US 4 needles, but I don't mind. As it stands right now, each flat hexipuff (or hexiflat) will be about as big as my palm. I'm also using Jenny's Magic Cast On and kitchenering the tops of the hexiflats to close instead of using the three needle bind off.

I don't care that this project will take me a long time to do. I have a lot of sock yarn which means I will have a lot of leftovers. That will also mean that in order for me to make more hexiflats I will have to make more socks. It will be a win/win situation all around!

The only thing I have to do is decide how big I want to make the blanket, but that can wait until later. Until then I will have the joy of going through my sock yarn leftovers and knitting little hexiflats.


  1. I just started working my own hexipuffs for a beekeeper quilt! I have 4 so far, I think. I am also working on the size 3 needle, but I'm magic-looping mine on a circular. They are so much fun, aren't they. Like you, I keep looking at my sock yarn and thinking, "Well, I better get started on socks with this yarn if I want to add it to my hexipuff collection." Can't wait to see your progress.

    1. Yes! They are so satisfying to knit because you can finish them in an hour or less. They are like potato chips. Little wooly potato chips that don't make you fat.