Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Post Where My Body Hates Me

In my last post, I got an exciting new job. Well, that job comes with more than occasional paychecks, rude customers, and the ability to make your feet feel like they got stomped on by an elephant by the end of the day. It also comes with a fun round of new job sickness!

I had to call in yesterday so I could see the doctor and get myself medicated so that I could go in to work again on Saturday. (Yep, part time job.) Fortunately, I got to include my fiance in this lovely round of disease as well. Sorry about that honey!

A good thing did come around yesterday so it wasn't an entire day of doom, gloom, and doctor's appointments. It was also the release of the series re-boot of Tomb Raider and I was lucky enough to decide to get everything I could with this reboot of one of my favorite series of games in all time.

I have spent most of my recovery time today playing it, drinking tea, sleeping, and discovering the perfect way to soft-boil an egg. As far as the game goes, it is exciting, inspiring, beautiful, immersive, and adrenaline rushing. (and I'm not just saying that because I'm a devoted fan.) The best thing about this game is that it feels like you are really a part of the world that the young Lara Croft is in. And yes, there are still damned wolves running about but after facing a half dozen human baddies, you aren't really that intimidated by the wolves anymore.

I managed to get my hands on the Collector's Edition of the game which comes with a special tin, a few badges, a short version sountrack, a map, a lithogram, and a figure of Lara Croft with interchangeable hands and weapons. Everything in the pack is highly detailed and feels solid. The only hard thing is learning how to pose the figure, but after a curious cat helps, you can figure out how to do that quickly.

I also got a limited edition Tomb Raider strategy guide that came with a replica necklace that Lara wears during the game (just need to get a better and longer lanyard). And to top the whole thing off, I also got the special edition Tomb Raider controller that looks as torn up and ragged as the sickness is making me feel right now.

So while I am recovering from sickness, I will be adventuring through the woods and learning how to become a Tomb Raider worthy of the origin story that is unfolding in the game. Thankfully I won't have to really do any of this in real life or else I would be dead several times over by now.

Hopefully in a few days I'll be able to finish off my Lolita Hobbies and talk about what has been on my needles during my first few weeks of work. Until then, happy knitting!

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