Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spinning Frenzy

I have been quiet lately because all of my projects have been at a relative stand-still since I finished my blanket. I just haven't been wanting to do anything. I recently discovered that not only do I have allergies, but I am apparently allergic to dogs, cats, the native plants in the North East US, both types of dust mites, and I have a new and growing allergy to peanuts. Things have been a little rough around here while we try to figure out how to control my allergies.

Luckily, I am not sensitive to wool or lanolin which means I have been spinning my heart out. I finished spinning all of my Buckleberry fiber and I am on the second day of plying. I did decide to stay with my original idea to n-ply and the yarn is coming out lovely. It is just about the perfect weight to be a three-ply sock yarn. The only trouble is that I seem to want to fit all of my singles onto one spindle. At first it was going quite well until I finished up today's spinning session. A few hours later and my left arm is really starting to hurt. I am taking a break from it for now to see if the pain persists. If it does, I have stressed my muscles past their breaking point and my spindle is really too heavy to fit the rest on. I have dreams of a nice fat skein, but I might have to break it into two skeins.

My birthday is coming up in a couple of months and one of the things I don't have for spinning is a yarn scale. KnitPicks has a very nice yarn scale that I would really love to have. All I know is that my mom is planning something and she knows that I need a yarn scale, swift, wool hand carders, and cotton hand carders. I need to be patient and see if I get lucky. She is my mom and I will love anything that she surprises me with, but I am very curious to what she is planning. If I do get a yarn scale and I still have the yarn not knitted up, I will have to weigh it and see how much of that fiber was left. I have this feeling that I managed to spin more than 4 oz.

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