Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Small Update on a Big Blanket

It feels like every time I get stuck on my knitting, it is because I have something going on in my life that has gotten me down. Last week, I knit a ton and I thought that I was going to have an awesome blog post about two of the socks I had been working on because they would have both been past the heel and actually looking like socks.

Instead, I offer you my big stash blanket which is now five years old. I am doing an attached I-cord border in the same white I have been saving since I started the blanket before I went into college. I am on the second side of the blanket and I have successfully passed a corner. I have figured out that I need to pick up each stitch on the blanket one at a time when I get to them or else my bind off is just too tight and my hands start hurting. This is my knitting while watching television project right now because it is just so big. I can't wait to actually get it done. 

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