Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Sock Saga

I am finally feeling better after having a couple of days off from work. I am actually starting to feel like a human again instead of feeling like a human robot trained to please people I don't know. And I have been knitting. What is bad about that?

I finished the socks for my dad and I am really happy with them. I noticed when I was blocking them that one sock is looser than the other. Ah the pleasures of guage and proof that how stressed you are really does affect how you knit. Either way, those socks are done and I can now move on to a different project. And the best part is that I know my dad will love them too. He is already hinting for a second pair.

The projects I had to choose from was another pair of socks, a scarf, and a pair of fingerless mittens. So, I chose the socks, but I knew that something was bothering me about them. It wasn't the fact that they were the Snape's Stockings pattern by Erica Lueder. It is a fun pattern and it is nice and textured. And it wasn't the pastel blue-white-purple-pink yarn (which turned out to be self-striping). I just did not like those two things together. So I ripped out the half-sock I already knit and I feel a lot better about it.

My next project that I will finish will be my scarf that I started when I first got my job. It is a good time to knit it since it is summer because I will finish it and it will be a wearable item when fall comes around.

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