Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Attack of the Ruffles

My head cold is finally disappearing! This means I can go back to doing my normal things, like pirating the high seas or taking a caravan across the endless desert safely while avoiding mirages or even making it to the local library to return my library books before the end of the world comes again.

It also means that I can go outside in the chilly winter air and take pictures of my ruffle scarf in a tree. I have christened my scarf the Rufflebutt Scarf. Why? Well, why not? Rufflebutt is very hard to say without grinning. If you don't believe me, give it a try right now. Yep, just say rufflebutt and tell me if that doesn't make you at least feel better.

In case you haven't noticed (or haven't wanted to notice) there is a grand total of five more days before Christmas. Those of you with last minute Christmas knitting need to hurry up and get those things finished. With my personal Christmas knitting, I have decided to modify my mom's socks that I am knitting for her because they just aren't going how I want them to go. The pattern and I are not cooperating and I would really like to give mom a pair of socks for Christmas. So, instead of carrying the pattern down the foot, I have decided to knit a plain foot after the garter stitch short-row heel and then knit a garter stitch short-row toe at the end of the foot so that the texture is brought all the way through the sock. Then I get to knit a second one.

This will be a busy five days.

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