Thursday, July 3, 2014

Neglected Spindles

I have been neglecting my poor half-finished projects on my spindles ever since I've really started spinning on my wheel. Yes, the wheel is a whole lot faster than my spindles, but I feel like I have gotten more spinning done in two days than I did using my wheel. (Which is wrong considering I just did a wheel plying session in two days, but if I used my spindles consistently, I might be getting more done.)

This is a lovely Chameleon Colorways BFL roving that my friend got me in 2012. If my Ravelry page is to be believed, I have been spinning on this since 2012 as well with big breaks in between steps. The colorway name is called Briar Rose. It has red, magenta, a yellow, and brown in the mix. Since I am chain plying it, the colors will probably be mostly separated from each other, but I'm letting them marl as they come up. This will hopefully provide some depth in the color transitions. Especially in the ones from red to magenta to the yellow.

The singles in my plying ball are at least a year old so the twist is long set in them. This is making plying interesting since I'm not really sure how much twist is supposed to go in as I am plying. I do know that I like a nice hard ply in most of my fingering weight yarns, so I am plying this pretty hard. Hopefully, this won't be like the laceweight I just plied that turned out underplied in spots and has to go through to get more twist in again.

I still have two-thirds of the roving she gave me. I was going to spin for a true three-ply, but then I got my wheel and I really want to spin the rest of it on my wheel. Some people defend spindles with all their might and I do love my spindles, but my spinning time is at a premium at the moment, so I'm going with the speed of my wheel instead of the portability of my spindles.

My goal is to get all of my SIPs (spinning in progress) done by the end of August. That leaves me with one skein to re-run through my wheel, this batch of singles to finish plying, and the rest of my silk hankie to spin up and ply. I think that is a reasonable goal.

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