Thursday, May 8, 2014

Color Match: Purples

I have been searching for a few weeks now to try to match my nail polish to my awesome purple Nintendo 3DS and I think I finally found a match.

It's not a very good day to take pictures and my nails aren't in the best condition since they have been attacked my work, but this is too awesome not to share.

The nail polish is Coconut Kiss by China Glaze. I only put down one coat of color even though my standard is two because I just wanted a quick change to my poor little nail nubs. As you can see, even at one coat it is a pretty close match to my 3DS which makes my little girly gamer heart flutter a bit. I love it when things match.

So imagine my delight when I happened to look down at my knitting. Not only do my nails match my game tech, but they also match my friend's wedding shawl. The shawl is officially out of time out since I had to rip back three whole repeats without a lifeline. (I think I just heard shudders and gasps of horror of the thought of ripping out lace without one.) I could have spent the time to tink back stitch-by-stitch, but by the time I realized where I made the mistake it was just easier to take the whole thing off the needles and do a hard rip.

I think I have knit about half the ball which means the shawl is about halfway done. It is fairly long already and I do plan to block it pretty severely so it should be a generous size when I am done. I have about one more week from today to finish it, so I will be knitting on it pretty obsessively this weekend. And go to the store and pick out a dress for the wedding. I will keep you guys posted on the progress.

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