Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tumblr, Instagram, & All That

I think the epic spinning bug is finally winding down a little bit. I have another project on the wheel, a ball of cotton singles waiting to be plied, and a big braid of BFL waiting for my last spindle to be fixed, but it won't be the entire focus of the blog for a little while.

The blog is awesome and I feel inspired to write about fashion and knitting again, but I do want to talk about other social media for a minute.

I have found that my new phone has a high quality HD camera on it that I have been using to take most of my project pictures and other pictures for the blog. The picture quality even on the regular non-HD setting is better than on my old point-and-shoot camera that I use for my stash pictures on Ravelry, so I needed to find another way to share my pictures quickly with a bit of editing to correct for color or lighting from time to time.

Instagram has become my main method of sharing photos. It is quick and easy to use as well as being able to share a photo to Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr with just a touch of a button. You can also find other knitters using Instagram, so your daily feed can be filled with fiber-joy. I use my Instagram to follow more lolita-esque bloggers, but one of my favorite knitters that I like to follow is Jasmin (cuteknitter) from the KnitMoreGirls Podcast.

Of course, this blog is not the only type of blog available. For those who don't like the slower text-based format of blogs and who crave instant-gratification, Tumblr is probably the blogging source for them. Tumblr is fast with lots of content going on at one time consisting mainly of re-blogs and lots of pictures. I have been on Tumblr for a while now, but I have finally set up a Tumblr blog that is an homage to awesome socks called F*Yeah Handknit Socks since I still think that there is a lack of quality knitting content of Tumblr.

I also use Pinterest, which I haven't been to in a while because I have been summoning up the courage to delete all of my pins and start over keeping a better goal in mind. It is also largely photo-based, but you can organize those photos into boards and it is an interesting resource for knitters and other crafters. It is nice to keep a board for all of those random photo-tutorials that you find around Knitty and Ravelry.


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