Thursday, January 17, 2013

Date Night for One

There is nothing better than knitting while curled up with a nice mug of tea, a lightweight blanket, and a movie. Especially when the movie is a feel-good movie like Julie & Julia.

I know a couple of people who hate this movie because they didn't like the way it ended. I think the ending is cute and it never fails to make me hopeful. It shows that no matter how bad your life gets, there will always be something there to make it better.

The sock that I took to my fiance's father's house finally aired out and it doesn't smell like smoke anymore, which means that I can finally knit on it again. It is the Snape's Stockings pattern by Erica Lueder. The same person who made Hermione's Everyday Socks. I was having a bit of trouble with the pattern at first because I was thinking in terms of the shapes it has instead of using the stitch count. It is much easier to memorize when you think of it as two different six stitch repeats put together to make the one twelve stitch repeat than it is to think about it in five and seven stitch repeats.

I am using one of the yarns that my brother got me for Christmas. I fell in love with how the colors looked in the ball that I didn't think about what type of yarn it was. Kroy Jacquards. Of course it is going to stripe! That is the entire purpose of the yarn.

As you can see, the pattern and the stripes aren't exactly playing well together. The texture is muddling the colors and the colors are getting in the way of the texture. If it was a multi-color instead of a striping, then it would probably look better.

But I am enjoying the pattern too much to rip it out and I am already at the heel-flap since I am only knitting two repeats on the leg. Any longer and I would have to start adding some calf shaping because of my legs.

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  1. Your date night for one sounds lovely. I agree, knitting, tea, and a good movie. You can't go wrong with that combination.