Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kawaii Games: Hello Kitty Cafe

Picture from the Google Play App Store
 I have been looking for some cute games for my Android Smartphone and I ran into this extremely cute Hello Kitty Cafe. This is a free game from Sanrio that can be found in the Google Play store.

In this game, Hello Kitty opens a cafe that you run. This is a standard phone game in which you earn coins and you can also earn or purchase points. The points can help you unlock special characters or equipment that can help you with satisfying your customers in the cafe. Sadly, Hello Kitty is one of the characters that does require you to have points, but Sanrio included a "Daily Reward" system that can help you earn points without purchasing them. That means that eventually you can unlock every character you could possibly want or need.

The concept is simple, you seat customers and serve them cute food, then you check them out and clean up the plate so that the next customer can have a table. It sounds like it would get boring after a while, but it is completely satisfying and even challenging because your customers can get upset and leave if you take too long. Sometimes I have successfully served a customer three or four different times only to have them get impatient and the check-out and leave, taking all of my hard earned profit for the day with them.
Picture from the Google Play App Store

Of course, what would a cafe game be without your special customers? Sometimes relatives of Hello Kitty show up to eat in your cafe. If you serve them promptly and make them happy, then they can quickly double your cash for the day. But if you don't make them happy then they can leave.

In between days, you can furnish your cafe with more waiting spaces, more tables, and you can even customize your space as you wish. You can even use your extra cash to put upgrades on your waiting area, tables, food makers, restroom, cashier and even your staff to earn more money and to make your customers less impatient. If you are lucky, you can even hire more cute employees to work with you. There is at least one character you can hire with coins, but the iconic Sanrio characters have to be hired with points.

This game is pure strategy and timing. Even when you have extra waiters, you have to time everything right or else you run the risk of losing customers for the day. This makes the game challenging and immensely satisfying to play.

For all of you sweet lolitas out there that want something adorable to play, but isn't just for little kids, then give Hello Kitty Cafe a try. It is extremely addicting, so keep an eye on your phone's battery life!

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