Friday, May 31, 2013

Almost too Hot to Knit

It has gotten so hot here recently. My family really didn't want to do anything that required any heat for dinner last night, so we went out for parfaits instead. They were really delicious. I normally get something with caramel on all three layers, but this time I opted for strawberries and walnuts in maple syrup. It was so delicious.

My fiance and I went to see Iron Man 3 yesterday. It was really fun to watch even if the ending was a little stranger than normal. Iron Man was our very first date movie, so we have tried to see every Iron Man (and by extension, every Marvel movie) in theaters together since. It is really sweet and we have never had a disappointing time at the theaters ever.

I have been slowly working on a scarf. I swear that I started this thing when the weather was bearable, but knitting a wool scarf in the middle of this scorching summer heat is a little crazy making. The scarf started out as a striped scarf a la the Noro Striped scarf, but it has evolved to have the stripes as an accent color to the main wine color. It is nowhere near complete, but it is something simple I can pick up and knit on whenever I feel like it.

The yarn is really nice to work with too. It is Patons Wool Merino worsted weight. It has such a nice luster and it is really soft to work with. The multicolor is just Patons Wool which is less soft, but still really nice to have in your hands when you are knitting. I have a feeling that I will make either a matching pair of fingerless gloves, full gloves, or a hat to go with the scarf before I am done since I have two balls of each color. This is basically knitting from the deep stash that I still have on hand since before I went to college.

My cotton hasn't grown much since my last picture. I think it is time to feed it some weak fertilizer to make sure that they are getting enough nutrients through the soil. They should be getting their photosynthesizing leaves soon and then their first set of real leaves. Then I can transplant them to bigger pots. Hopefully it will all go well.

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