Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Loot

I was so busy during the last few weeks of the year that I didn't really have time for blogging anything. What I did do was contract a killer headcold that turned into an ear infection that forced me to take today off. The good news is that I feel better now and hopefully I'll be able to return to life as normal tomorrow.

I got a couple of new toys for Christmas. First off, I got a gorgeous Kromski Sonata wheel and a matching spinning stool. The mahogany finish just glows and it is so much fun to spin on! To go with my wheel I got a full pound of yellow wool (of some uncertain breed, probably Corriedale) and two bags of Alpaca fiber dyed in two wonderful shades of green.

I am almost done spinning the pound of yellow. I am stuffing as much as I can on two bobbins mostly to see how much yarn I can actually put on a bobbin. The bobbin on the lazy kate on the wheel is the first bobbin I filled up. I have some more to go and I still have room on my second bobbin, so I am not worried about if it will fit or not. Of course, I have no idea how big normal bobbins are, but I have been reading that Kromski has some of the biggest standard bobbins out there.

Along with a spinning wheel from my family, I also got a 2 inch Golding Tsunami in Cherry. I have been wanting one of these spindles ever since I thought about learning how to spin. It spins like a dream and it is so light! I never thought that it would be so easy to spin consistently thin on a lighter spindle. Of course, I still love my old spindle and I will never give that up. I do still have a spinning project going on it. But this little thing is just dreamy to spin on!

I have a batch of combed cotton on my Golding right now. Yes, cotton on a drop spindle. This little speed demon makes it easy to spin fast which cotton loves. Since I found the combed cotton too sticky to work on my tahkli, I decided to try it on a drop spindle. That extra bit of stick it has lets it hold together nicely until the twist gets introduced to it.

The last big things I got were three socks worth of sock yarn, a cookie scoop, a video camera, the first season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, the Derpy Hooves episode of MLP Friendship is Magic, and the midnight purple Nintendo 3DS with a free copy of Nintendogs + Cats.

I felt like a princess this Christmas getting spoiled like this. I haven't had that feeling in a while. Now I really need a job so that I can keep feeding my wheel and spindles fiber.

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