Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spinning Update

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It feels like forever since I last talked about my spinning, but it wasn't really that long ago. In one week I managed to spin enough yarn to make my spindle heavy enough for me to wind it off onto a bobbin and start loading up the spindle again.

This bobbin is special to me. I found it at a flea market when I was visiting my fiancee's father's house. All I know about it is that it is an old bobbin that had mill-end yarn on it. I assume that it is a part of a very old textile factory that had been out of service for a while. Or possibly updated. It looked like the vendor had saved these bobbins from someplace. The yarn on the bobbins wasn't very good and one of the colors was actually drifting apart because it wasn't spun very solidly.

I got three of these bobbins for handspinning. Even if I do get a wheel one of these days and have lots of extra wheel bobbins to wind on, I might still use these because they just look cool. Old fashioned and full of history. Plus, the bobbin matches my spindle nicely right now. It is difficult to wind onto, but I think that is because I have never wound onto a bobbin before. I always wound it up into a ball. I like displaying them on bobbins though and I'll just wind it into a plying ball later. Either that or the bobbins will be so annoying to me that I will just display them and never use them again. We will see what ends up happening.

This is the last half of the fiber I have been spinning. I decided that I am going to spin it into one continuous thread and N-ply the thread to get a three-ply yarn. I am pretty sure that it will turn out into a perfect sock weight yarn. The N-ply will also preserve any color changes that I am getting in the yarn, so I have a feeling that I will get a striping yarn. I will see when I get it done.

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