Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sock Yarn Blanket vs Bee Keeper's Quilt

When I was still in high school, I stumbled upon the Shelly's Sock Yarn Blanket via the Yarn Harlot. I thought it was a thing of genius and beauty, but I didn't have any sock yarn at the time and the point of the blanket was to use up scraps. Being a baby knitter and a person determined to "follow directions exactly" I never made the blanket.

Skip ahead to now where the current viral blanket is the Bee Keeper's Quilt and the fact that I am actually making one to use up my sock yarn leftovers. Now, I love making these little hexipuffs and I'm not going to stop, but I have found that I have more leftovers than I thought with some yarns and I don't want to make thousands upon thousands of hexipuffs with some of those yarns.

Here lies the conundrum.

I am already making one scrap blanket, but I'm tired making hexipuffs in some colors. Those colors that I'm thinking of would not make good socks for scrappy monstersocks, but they might look fantastic in a garter stitch mitered square. But do I really need two long term blankets going on at one time made out of scrap sock yarn?

I don't see myself making anything else out of those yarns and I don't really want to just throw them away or donate them because of postage costs and the local places only want worsted weight yarn of a good quantity (aka not two partial balls of sock yarn).

But again, do I need two long term blanket projects?

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